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The community solar power plant operates on the roof of the primary school. This is the first Slovenian example of a self-sufficient community that is supplied with energy from a solar power plant installed on a public building. This project is the result of cooperation between utility company GEN-I, the municipality of Ajdovščina and the locals from the village of Budanje. The solar power plant started operating at the beginning of 2021, seven residential houses are connected to it.The project provides prosumers with sustainable energy at an affordable price. The maintenance is taken care of by the utility company, which also covered the initial investment. The municipal budget benefits from paid rent for using the school roof. The annual savings of an individual user in electricity costs is estimated at around € 100, while the community will reduce its carbon footprint by 28,500 kg of CO2 in one year.

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Contact details: Dr. Tomislav Tkalec, FOCUS