Legambiente, Italy

First renewable energy community in Italy: In the suburbs of Naples, precisely in the San Giovanni a Teduccio district, the first renewable and solidarity energy community has been created. In a disadvantaged suburb of Naples, solar panels have been installed on the roof of a center offering sports and educational activities to children after school providing electricity for 40 families with social hardships. The project sets an incredible green precedent and a great addition to the climate action movement. This people-driven project was financed by Fondazione con il Sud and promoted by Legambiente and local community, starting with the fundamental role of Fondazione Famiglia di Maria and the 40 families who are also the direct beneficiaries of this new energy system. The project also involves awareness raising on energy issues. At the service of the energy community a 53 kW photovoltaic system built on the roof of the Fondazione Famiglia di Maria, capable of producing about 65 thousand kWh / a of electricity, partly consumed by the structure itself and partly shared with the 40 families involved.Combining renewable energies, environmental education and the fight against poverty: this is the challenge of an innovative and promising project in the south of Italy.

More information: https://www.comunirinnovabili.it/comunita-energetica-e-solidale-di-napoli-est/

Contact details: Edoardo Zanchini, Legambiente