Since the beginning of 2021, one of the largest electricity consumers in Poland, the steel mill in Zawiercie, uses renewable energy to a large extent. The steelworks owned by CMC Poland consumes approximately 800 GWh of energy annually. The Norwegian energy group, Statkraft will provide 200 GWh of energy generated by wind and solar farms. The goal of CMC Poland is to secure the energy price in the long term. The company is looking for the possibility of purchasing additional supplies of 500 GWh in 10-year contracts. In this context, the president of CMC Poland emphasizes the need to remove restrictions on the implementation of large wind projects, the launch of which is hindered by the act introduced in 2016. According to CMC Poland, there are currently about 10 companies on the Polish market that have the appropriate conditions to conclude Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) contracts with them. The President of CMC Poland indicated that concluding PPAs for green energy in the steel industry is becoming an increasingly common practice.

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