EKOenergy, Finland

The non-profit EKOenergy label (managed by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation) helps consumers, large and small, switch to renewable energy and increase the positive impact of their choice . Thanks to growing number of companies and households that choose EKOenergy-labelled energy, we can set up renewable energy campaigns and inspire all the time more energy consumers. Recently, a leading company in telecommunications, the Iliad Group (brand name ”Free”) switched to 100% EKOenergy-labelled, local wind power in France and Italy, and they are well on their way to reach that target in Poland soon too. This way, the Iliad Group guarantees a high environmental standard, in addition to contributing to new clean energy projects. Moreover, the Iliad Group is using EKOenergy’s logo in their own communication as a way to inspire others and create an even bigger impact.

More information: https://www.ekoenergy.org/iliad-group-now-powered-with-100-ekoenergy-labelled-electricity/

Contact details: Steven Vanholme