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To make it easier for consumers to participate in the energy transition, and to increase the positive impact of individual purchase decisions, the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation developed the EKOenergy ecolabel.



The label guarantees that the energy is 100% renewable and that additional sustainability criteria are fulfilled. Through the label, we also raise funds for our renewable energy campaigns: new solar projects in developing countries and river restoration projects. Between our launch in 2013 and today, the EKOenergy ecolabel has developed a network of licensed sellers, able to supply EKOenergy-labelled renewable energy worldwide.

Thanks to the label and its worldwide availability:

  • We can help consumers find reliable renewable energy solutions worldwide. If a company buys renewable energy in Finland or Germany, we present them solutions for their activities in Brazil and Indonesia too.
  • We help consumers increase the impact of their energy purchase. Our label works as a fundraising tool: users of the label contribute to our Climate Fund, through which we finance solar projects in poor areas, such as solar panels on health clinics in Madagascar or on schools in Bolivia.
  • We help consumers communicate about their switch to renewable energy. This way they can inspire their peers, clients, employees and encourage each of them to switch to renewable energy too. You may already have seen our logo on beer or diapers produced with EKOenergy-labelled energy.A lot of our activities happen thanks to volunteers, in particular long term volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps program (ESC). EKOenergy’s volunteers help us develop our campaigns and enable us to maintain contacts with partners in tens of countries, while at the same time  broadening their knowledge in sustainability and project management.

EKOenergy for breweries:

More information: Our ecolabel | EKOenergy

Contact details: Steven Vanholme,, +358505687385