CIDSE would like to present the documentary ‘Energy to Change’, produced and launched in 2018 within the framework of the initiative “Change for the Planet- Care for the People”.

The documentary follows six stories of energy choices of communities and people across the world (from Switzerland, DR Congo, Belgium, Kenya, Portugal, Brazil). From riding bicycles to defending the Amazon from hydropower dams, from schools and clinics in the desert powered by solar panels to energetic conversion of buildings, the protagonists are doing their part for an energy transition that respects the needs of people and the planet. The film aims to bring to light the power that people have and the role they can play in bringing about meaningful changes towards more sustainable and fair societies. It shows that people are putting into place concrete alternatives, and that communities are fighting to take back control of energy projects that affect them. Compiled into this documentary, these examples aim to inspire citizens to take action, grow more conscious, and use their resourcefulness.

The documentary premiered alongside COP24 in Katowice, Poland, in the presence of activists from Polish civil society, climate pilgrims, grassroots organizers, indigenous community members, and COP24 party representatives from across the world. Since then it has served as a tool to inspire, educate and debate in different contexts such as international conferences, community gatherings and schools. Among the screenings that took place, a notable one is the one alongside the Synod on the Amazon in Rome.

It was filmed and edited by Patricia Pedrosa and produced by the CIDSE secretariat through a collective process with our network and beyond. It was funded by the KR Foundation.

It is available on You Tube in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish. Length: 35 Minutes

Contact details: Giorgio Gotra, Campaigns Project

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