Institute for Sustainable Development, Poland

Many Polish local authorities created good examples of local investment in renewables, despite the very unfriendly national regulations. Western Pomerania Region has the highest share of renewable energy in its electricity production (over 60% and most of it is produced by wind turbines) which were built before the introduction of anti-wind laws in 2016. Many municipalities in the region produce much more energy, than they need, but all that needs to be sold only to the national grid. Currently, there are also many municipalities who supported many photovoltaic installations on individual homes and public buildings. Among them are municipalities of Golina, Rychwał, Tuliszków and Wierzbinek near the Konin lignite extraction sites. Each of them has more than 160 PV installations producing more than 1MWh solar energy on average daily and might be well beyond 20% of local renewable energy share in electricity. If there are possibilities given to the local level in Poland, it certainly can prove that more renewables is possible everywhere.

Contact details: Wojciech Szymalski, Institute for Sustainable Development