“CAN Europe has very positively contributed to global mobilisation efforts in 2023 around COP28, and particularly played a key role in the task force convening the different constituencies around a call for an equitable, feminist and fair fossil fuel phase-out. This is the result of the collaboration that grew out of the Climate Justice Camp in Lebanon. From the Women and Gender Constituency we are very happy to see CAN Europe moving into this direction and working jointly with different movements” – Gina Cortés Valderrama, Women and Gender Constituency representative



The negotiation space in the Blue Zone at the UNFCCC has become increasingly important and during 2023 CAN Europe was involved in a number of strategic discussions and in close coordination with our global alliance, CAN International.

CAN Europe’s plans for the United Nations Climate Change Conference 28 (COP 28) started early, notably with participation in the Lebanon Youth Climate Justice Camp in September 2023. Several stunts were planned during the camp, including Loss and Damage, Make Polluters Pay and Ending Fossil Fuels.

During COP28, CAN Europe played a pivotal role in the coordination of action to demand an equitable phase out of fossil fuels that is full, fair, fast, forever, feminist, and funded. This was co-developed with different constituencies including the Women and Gender Constituency, Trade Union Non-Governmental Organizations, the International Youth Climate Movement, and indigenous peoples. This was all with the goal of trying to influence the fossil fuel phase out related language in the COP28 negotiation text. During the two weeks of the COP, momentum of the action continued with around 1,000 people taking part directly in replicated actions – but crucially, many more passers-by stopped, engaged, watched, and took pictures. The actions also resulted in mainstream media coverage, including the New York Times, which included a fire-themed visual developed in partnership with the Artivist Network.

On the political level, CAN Europe is proud that ahead of and during COP28 we influenced the EU to be more proactive and outspoken on key issues, including the approval and funding of the loss and damage fund. This aligned the EU with progressive calls and marked a shift away from less progressive heavyweights like the US, building on continuous CAN Europe engagement with key EU negotiators throughout the year. Even though the final agreements on loss and damage finance fell short of the need, they constitute an important step forward.