Pushing for more ambitious national climate plans

“National Energy and Climate Plans have the potential to prepare the ground for increased climate ambition in Europe and direct investments in the next 10 years. (…) The opportunities underlined in this report should serve as a guidance for member states on where to put their money to achieve climate neutrality”. Director, Wendel Trio.

ENDS Europe

By 2020, all Member States submitted their National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) to the European Commission outlining their policies and measures designed to achieve the EU’s former climate and energy targets. While they contained opportunities for increased climate ambition in Europe, there were still some loopholes that might endanger reaching higher targets.

Together with its members and partners, CAN Europe published two reports to assess the final NECPs submitted by 18 Member States, and one report on energy poverty measures in NECPs. Our reports compared the draft and the final NECPs and outlined gaps and opportunities to highlight where improvements can still be made.

In early 2020 we launched the Unify Project with our members in ten EU countries. This coordinated approach helped us to increase our capacity to assess the NECPs and put pressure on Member States to increase the ambition of these plans.