ECODES, Spain 


No Home Without Energy- (Ni Un Hogar Sin Energía)  is ECODES programme to tackle energy poverty.  Its aim is transferring knowledge and tools to empower people to claim for their energy rights and get clean and affordable energy. We offer information, training, personalised assistance and technological solution to tackle energy poverty. We do energy diagnosis that manages to gather social, household, and energy contract data from vulnerable people and returns a personalized report with advice on how to reduce energy consumption and energy costs. We do off-line assistance, in household visits and help-desk, and we offer on-line tools for social workers and vulnerable consumers. Learnings lessons of our field work allows us to do advocacy work to get ambitious and fair laws to tackle energy poverty.

Since 2013, we have achieved to help more than 8.700 household to achieve an average of 26 % reduction of energy bills and improve the comfort of their households.

Main results:

  • Energy diagnoses carried out: 8.042Individualized attention: 5.309
  • Kit of micro-efficiency materials delivered (light bulbs, weatherstripping, under doors, strips with switch …): 1.661
  • Household Renovation with low cost solutions: 254.
  • Families that have received training: 1,480
  • Total beneficiaries: 8,767 families

Contact details: Cecilia Foronda   Energy and People Campaign Coordinator