Offshore wind energy gains more political backing

“The share of renewable energy in the EU continues to be on the rise, but the current pace of growth is losing steam. (…) EU leaders must fix this and translate their climate commitments into tangible policies that further steer investments away from fossil fuels towards 100 percent renewables-based energy systems.” Energy Policy Coordinator, Veerle Dossche.

EU Observer

EU Member States need to phase out fossil fuels, commit to a strong reduction in energy consumption and a transition of our energy system to 100% renewable energy sources if we are to reach net zero emissions by 2040. Offshore renewable energy is key to this transition and CAN Europe, together with its members and partners are pushing for a positive narrative around renewables.

In 2020, the European Commission launched a strategy to ensure offshore renewable energy can help reach the EU’s energy and climate targets. Meanwhile, regional initiatives such as the North Seas Energy Cooperation, and Member States around the Baltic Sea looked into intensifying cooperation in offshore wind development.