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The coal to clean switch in Greece’s lignite regions Greece was for years the 3rd largest lignite producer in Europe. In late 2019 the Greek government and the Public Power Corporation (PPC), announced that all existing lignite power plants will retire by 2023, while the last plant (Ptolemaida V), will cease to burn lignite by 2028. In April 2021, PPC effectively moved the phase out date 3 years earlier by declaring that it will convert Ptolemaida V to a different technology by 2025. PPC is also planning on installing a total PV capacity of over 2,5GW by 2024 in the vast lignite mine fields, and offering a 5% share to local citizens. Thus, in the space of two years, PPC has gone from business as usual, to ending lignite burning by 2025 and shifting to renewables.

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