“Rewarding the inaction of Member States that are failing to diversify and decarbonise their energy mix, by allowing again to extend the life of coal plants sets a dangerous precedent for other countries to follow” – Marta Anczewska, Energy Policy Coordinator

Fossil fuel-based electricity dropped substantially in 2023, with an historic reduction in coal-based generation. In the EU, structural coal decline is accelerating with a 26% year on year drop, despite last-minute efforts by coal reliant Member States offering financial lifelines, like the coal derogation that compromised the Electricity Market Design reform, to dying power plants.

CAN Europe continues to make decision makers aware of the consequences of any prolongation to coal lifetime and continue to push for a socially just transition away from coal by 2030. We will also continue to observe how the Just Transition Fund is helping EU regions to mitigate socio-economic impacts.