CAN Europe carried our transformation messages into many policy processes, and started to work to advocate towards concrete industrial regulations that are key to reducing Europe’s emissions and changing the way we produce and consume.

“Industrial transformation is central to the EU meeting environmental and social objectives. The EU needs policies that recognise our over-consumption of energy and resources, and we need tools to address this. This includes corporate transformation plans, ecodesign of products and production processes, demand-side measures, and strict application of the polluter pays principle.”  Doreen Fedrigo, Industrial Transformation Policy Coordinator

CAN Europe continued to push for industrial transformation that drives change through better designed products and for production processes that reduce environmental impacts from the start.

The team produced briefings on the transformation of the chemicals and steel sectors, and pushed back against a growing EU industry protectionist atmosphere.

Through our sustainable lifestyles work, we contributed to CAN Europe’s position on the EU’s ‘REPowerEU’ plan with the inclusion of the concept of sufficiency and energy use optimisation.

In parallel, the team contributed to the CAMPAIGNers project, which together with other partners aims to involve cities and their inhabitants in the just transition.