The LIFE UNIFY project allowed the network to add pressure and  improve national climate and energy governance and planning. Its achievements will live on in a key moment for national plans through the TogetherFor1.5 project.

“UNIFY’s findings on final NECP assessments were echoed by the European Commission and the project’s NECP tracker tool has helped national stakeholders understand the misalignment between national climate objectives and the proposed pathways for meeting the objectives.” Audrey Mathieu, Germanwatch

An ambitious, robust and coherent climate and energy governance framework at the national level is essential to ensure that each European state does its part to help limit global warming to 1.5°C. It’s much more than just successfully adopting EU legislation: it’s about planning and implementing the transformative energy transition and the fair pathway that will ultimately lead each EU country to climate neutrality.

Thanks to several projects on the ground, such as EUKI’s Green Deal in CEE, CAN Europe continued work driven by its members on national climate and energy governance throughout 2022. The Unify project, which built an indispensable bridge between national and EU stakeholders for three years, came to an end. We are proud that it was promptly replaced by the TogetherFor1.5 project, under which 13 national member organisations will be gearing up advocacy work for ambitious national climate and energy governance – starting with the upcoming NECP revision process.

Achieving the goals of the European Green Deal and reaching climate neutrality in a Paris-compatible way cannot be achieved without an active engagement of citizens, as well as their ownership of the process, ensuring its fairness and equity. Therefore, in 2022 CAN Europe started to engage with the REAL DEAL Project. Together with other partners, we aimed to answer a key question: How can citizens (especially marginalised groups) be part of the deliberative and decision-making process in a meaningful way?