The Renewables Heating Campaign

The Warm Homes 4 All campaign is an initiative of CAN Europe Network to promote sustainable renewable heating solutions for all homes across Europe.

This is a solution-oriented campaign, co-created with members and working closely with partners.

We aim to support change at national level for the full decarbonisation of the heating sector based on energy efficiency and renewables. Campaigning at the national level is key to raise awareness and strengthen the public discourse on the importance of moving away from fossil fuels and inefficient systems.

This is a pan-European campaign, so we will facilitate and support the participation of NGOs from countries outside the European Union.


The heating sector urgently needs to become renewable, accessible, efficient and affordable for all

We need to transform European houses where more than 450 million of us live, study and work to sustainable and climate-friendly buildings which will have positive impacts on peoples’ everyday lives, to make them more comfortable, safe, and healthy.

For this to happen, a shift to a 100% renewable heat supply in combination with deep building renovations and improving energy efficiency standards is urgently needed for all households, especially vulnerable and low-income households, who need to receive the necessary support to heat and/or cool their homes while improving energy savings. This transition can alleviate the effects of energy poverty through a greater resilience to fossil fuel prices rises and help lower household’s energy costs.

Fossil fuels have no place in our future and the provision of fossil fuel subsidies along with the installation of fossil fuel boilers in all new and renovated buildings should be stopped by 2025 at the latest. Instead, old heating systems in buildings need to be replaced with sustainable, renewable heating solutions, such as heat pumps powered by renewable electricity that capture ambient and geothermal heat. Also district heat networks can also be the bridge linking renewable energy production with people, be it in the form of solar thermal geothermal heat, sustainably sourced biomass or electricity from renewable sources.

We all have to make sure that the transition is inclusive and delivers benefits for everyone, especially the most vulnerable. Governments need to implement the legislation and ensure adequate funding to accelerate the process. Local authorities need to prepare energy infrastructure for local renewable heating potentials and energy savings, working jointly with social housing projects, energy communities and energy professionals.

Europe urgently needs to address energy poverty, heating challenges and the climate crisis, we have all the solutions and funds in our hands to solve it.

Below is the latest news from the campaign.

Making Renewable Heating Accessible and Affordable in the rental sector

This briefing explores what is needed to make renewable heating accessible and affordable for tenants living in Europe, with a special focus on the energy poor. At its core lies the idea that the heating decarbonisation transition should not leave anyone behind, regardless of their income and their tenancy status.

The Report is available to read in:

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Below is the Renewable Heating Campaign’s Visual Gallery. Please feel free to download the images here.
They are available in six different languages (Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish,  English, Portuguese & Spanish) 


Below are some of the publications that members have collaborated on under the Renewables Heating Campaign.
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