Zona Zero: What do we need to do to eliminate fossil fuels from our homes during the summer and winter?

Episode 5 of the Zona Zero podcast was a special collaboration between ZERO Portugal and Climate Action Network Europe (CAN Europe).

More than 5 million Portuguese who study and work in buildings represent about 30% of final energy in Portugal and approximately 40% of final energy in Europe, and more than three quarters of heating in Europe is based on the use of fossil fuels and non-renewable electricity.

What is the root of the energy efficiency problem? What should we do to reduce the number of people suffering from energy poverty, reduce our household energy bills, and at the same time reduce our dependence on fossil fuels?

To answer these and many other questions, we will be chatting with Islene Façanha, who develops her work at ZERO in the areas of energy and climate.

In Portuguese only:

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Public Statement: A Social and Green Investment Plan for a prosperous and just transition

As organisations committed to tackling the multifaceted crises of our times – from climate change and biodiversity loss to the cost of living and energy independence – we call for a €1 trillion investment plan for people and the planet to be at the top of the agenda for future EU leadership. These challenges are largely an investment challenge, and EU funding is more needed than ever to mobilise and boost public and private financing of Europe’s resilience and competitive sustainability. Political parties’ manifestos all recognise this need. Now is the time to meet citizens’ expectations of a better future, invest in the transformation of our economy, and make good on the promises of the Green Deal. This statement presents our proposal for a Social and Green Investment Plan that would achieve these aims.

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