Together for 100% Renewable Europe


Together for 100% Renewable Europe: Prosperous. Sustainable. For everyone” is an initiative of Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe jointly with members across Europe.

The campaign brings forces in our Network to work together for a faster but also inclusive, fair, and people participatory rollout of solar and wind energy which at the same time supports protection and restoration of biodiversity.

We aim for a fair and sustainable transition to a 100% renewable energy system, specifically contributing to accelerating the solar and wind deployment at the pace and scale required by the climate crisis. We ask policy makers both at EU and national levels to take bold and forward-looking actions to build a prosperous and sustainable energy future for everyone, fully based on renewable energy. On the pathway to cover the entire energy demand of all economic sectors by renewable energy by 2040 (heat, transport, industry), all our electricity should come from renewable energy sources already by 2035.

Call to Action

We are calling on governments to secure unparalleled and sustainable growth of solar and wind energy to avoid climate breakdown. The transition of our energy system will need to be based on a) strong action to substantially reduce the amount of energy we consume; (b) a rapid phase-out of all fossil fuels; (c) a massive increase of sustainable renewable energy to fully cover the remaining energy demand. It must and can address at the same time environmental and social goals.

With reduction of the energy consumption first, renewable electricity mainly from solar and wind power is a key driver for this transition and must be scaled up with the aim of a fully renewable electricity supply already by 2035. This will secure our steps on the pathway to an entire energy system based on sustainable renewable energy by 2040.

We can only achieve this swift and profound transition to a fully renewable energy system by 2040 if it is fair and ensures people’s participation, and if it supports protection and restoration of biodiversity. Only a just and inclusive energy transition which takes social and biodiversity needs fully into account can build a fully renewable and sustainable energy future.




Stories of Hope & Power

Sun is hope, wind is power. There are already great initiatives on the ground driving the transition towards renewables. From community energy projects to investments in transition from coal to renewables, or from wind park tourism to government programs supporting prosumers, here are stories from across Europe, known and maybe lesser known.



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