Together for 100% Renewable Europe


“Together for 100% Renewable Europe: Prosperous. Sustainable. For everyone”

This is an initiative of Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe jointly with members across Europe. The campaign brings forces in our Network to work together for a faster but also inclusive, fair, and people participatory rollout of solar and wind energy which at the same time supports protection and restoration of biodiversity. We aim for a fair and sustainable transition to a 100% renewable energy system, specifically contributing to accelerating the solar and wind deployment at the pace and scale required by the climate crisis. We ask policy makers both at EU and national levels to take bold and forward-looking actions to build a prosperous and sustainable energy future for everyone, fully based on renewable energy. On the pathway to cover the entire energy demand of all economic sectors by renewable energy by 2040 (heat, transport, industry), all our electricity should come from renewable energy sources already by 2035.

Shaping Tomorrow's Resilient and Renewable Energy System: It Starts at Home

The energy system of tomorrow is primarily electrified, digital and flexible, harnessing 100% renewable energy. This system will fully optimise high renewables generation through balancing out supply and demand in a more efficient manner, and allow people to control their energy production and consumption. Households will play a vital role in this system as a source of demand side flexibility by shifting how and when they use electricity thanks to digital technologies, storage, incentives, accessible energy services and tariffs. This shift will reduce household energy costs, enhance energy security and resilience.


Stories of Hope & Power

Sun is hope, wind is power. There are already great initiatives on the ground driving the transition towards renewables. From community energy projects to investments in transition from coal to renewables, or from wind park tourism to government programs supporting prosumers, here are stories from across Europe, known and maybe lesser known.

Sunny Short Community Energy

In the next blog of our sunny short series, Maria Santos from the Friends of the Earth Europe reflects on the great work that the European Community Power Coalition has done over the past decade to help grow the community energy movement across Europe. 



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