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#EnergySuperheroes are Coaly, Sunny and Windy

Coaly has been supplying humans with energy for decades. Sunny and Windy are ready to take over, because humans have developed the means to use their abundant supply of energy.

Want to know what happens then?

Browse 6 episodes that take us to year 2050 – a date set to achieve climate-neutrality.

  • Video one features episodes 1-3:

    1. New kids on the block

    2. We’ve got the power

    3. What about the people?

  • Video two features episodes 4-6:Time flies

             4. Time flies

             5. Anything is possible!

             6. What if…

NOTE: Pause the videos to read the comic story.


About the campaign

CAN Europe developed #EnergySuperheroes comic in an attempt to explain its policy work to the wider community across the Western Balkans. The issues we work on are often complex and technical, comprehensible only to a limited number of officials, although relevant for the wellbeing of the entire region and its communities. As such we have been looking for ways to make our joint voice and policy asks heard beyond the policy and expert circles in the WB region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia). With this in mind CAN Europe WB team developed a comic that will convey our key policy asks through a story about the potential to use renewable energy sources, namely Windy and Sunny, and all other aspects that need to follow the energy transition. Taking into account the just transition aspect Coaly must not be left out, as a way of paying respect to the coal miners who have been providing energy for the past half century, but also to point to the need for alternatives to coal and ensuring a just transition away from coal.

Regional issues are very similar when it comes to air pollution, local communities in coal regions who depend on coal extraction business, lack of infrastructure and legal incentives for uptake of renewable energy sources, inefficient state institutions and corrupt governments across the Western Balkans. As such the messages created have a regional focus.

All episodes of the comics are available in English, Serbian, Macedonian and Albanian languages, and can be used on the basis of Creative Commons principles. The comics can be found on all social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) via #EnergySuperheros tag.

For more information you can reach out to Masha Perovic, Communications Coordinator for Southeastern Europe masha.perovic / at / caneurope.org

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