Discussion Paper: Economy of Tomorrow

Financing the transition

This paper builds upon CAN Europe strategy for changemaking in times of crisis, which commits us “to work to engender systemic change in the global economy to ensure a sustainable and fair natural resources management within and beyond the EU leading to a socially just, circular economy where the focus on sufficiency and planetary health replaces GDP growth”. This paper outlines the economy we envision for Europe. It outlines 20 specific policy recommendations that we consider essential building blocks to engage on an alternative path, which holds the promise to improve the lives of Europeans and help reduce the negative impacts of our behaviour on the rest of the world. The alternative path is also based upon the prioritisation of the reduction of inequality and to ensure that Europe contributes actively and justly to the world coming back within planetary boundaries.  

This briefing provides the initial view on the key building blocks, and may be followed up by other briefings concerning different aspects of the economic transformation, such as the role of public finance to support a sufficiency agenda and the trade policy needed to contribute to an alternative economic model. It does not cover detailed sector-specific recommendations for example on buildings, transport or agriculture at this stage.

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