Energy Efficiency Directive: Guidebook for strong implementation

Energy transition

The EU Energy Efficiency Directive outlines a framework of measures in order for the EU to reach its 20% energy savings target by 2020 and pave the way for more energy efficiency improvements beyond that date. Now that the Directive has entered into force, Member States must transpose it into national law and implement the many requirements in the legislation before the 2020 deadline.

The Coalition for Energy Savings’s Guidebook for Strong Implementation is here to help. CAN Europe worked with the Coalition for Energy Savings to brake down the Directive into main themes and legal requirements, as well as developing a list of good practices for a strong, ambitious and complete implementation of the legislation. It is hoped that the information in this Guidebook will not only empower stakeholders to champion a successful implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive, but also drive home the importance of energy savings in building an innovative, low-carbon Europe.

Energy Efficiency Directive – Guidebook for strong implementation

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