Chancellor Merkel: Get to work on Climate Change!

Climate action

Merkel lode sodaine foee

Picture Credit: Lode Sodaine/FoEE

CAN Europe and six environmental organisations today made a symbolic handover of a pair of gloves to encourage German Chancellor Angela Merkel to keep working for more climate action in Europe.

 The action outside Germany’s permanent representation to the EU office in Brussels was to support Merkel to take the lead in pushing for a 30% EU emission reduction target for 2020.

A higher emissions reduction target could create up to six million jobs, and reduce oil and gas imports which cost the EU €420 billion in 2011.

Recently the German government has attempted to engage other countries in discussion about increasing the EU target from 20% to 30% by 2020. But it has encountered opposition, mainly from Poland.

The objective of today’s action is to call on chancellor Merkel to keep on working until Europe increases its target to at least 30 % cuts by 2020. This should happen before the end of the year.

Today’s action was supported by Aprodev, Birdlife International, Climate Action Network Europe, Cidse, Friends of the Earth Europe, Oxfam and WWF.

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