REACTION: A modest win for nature, but biggest hurdle still ahead in the Parliament’s Environment committee

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A modest win for nature, but biggest hurdle still ahead in the Parliament’s Environment committee

Brussels, 10 November 2023 –  Late last night, Thursday, EU policymakers were able to come to a crucial agreement for an European regulation to restore nature. Although the precise restoration obligations in each ecosystem are yet to be disclosed, the institutions found a common ground that may drive the restoration of European ecosystems, meet international commitments and boost our fight against climate change.

While CAN Europe celebrates this modest win for nature, it is important to note the Commission’s proposal was watered down throughout the trilogue discussions. We are nevertheless relieved to see a non-deterioration requirement and an obligation to rewet peatlands in the final text. We now need to continue our push to secure the formal adoption of this agreement in both the EU Council and Parliament.

“While we are glad to have a provisional institutional joint agreement before the end of the year,  restoration obligations are yet to be assessed. There is also the biggest hurdle still to come which will be its adoption by the Parliament’s Environment committee. We call on MEPs to vote for the approval of the agreement, so Member States can immediately reverse the degradation trend in European ecosystems and jointly tackle the climate and biodiversity crises.“  – Chiara Martinelli, Director at CAN Europe



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