In May 2022, the European Commission launched its long awaited EU Solar Energy Strategy, to ensure solar energy achieves its full potential. The strategy was supported by a legislative proposal for a solar mandate.

“Before the end of this decade, we will need a radical transformation of our energy system. It should receive at least a half of its supply primarily from solar and wind power, while also putting public participation and the protection of biodiversity at its heart. For this transformation to be a success, it will require climate, energy and biodiversity policies to be looked at holistically, and to reinforce each other.”  Seda Orhan, Renewable Energy Campaign coordinator

Before the long awaited EU Solar Energy Strategy, CAN Europe and its members published a successful rooftop solar PV country comparison report. It showed that there are still significant barriers at national level which impede a higher uptake of rooftop solar PV, with many Member States still lacking the right regulatory framework and enabling environment.

The legislative proposal for a solar mandate, following the EU Solar Energy Strategy, was a concrete hook for CAN Europe to call for a quick and ambitious implementation of a mandatory installation of solar energy on buildings. Now more than ever, there is a strong public demand within EU countries to embrace a solar revolution and to turbocharge rooftop solar. As national governments are now scrambling to secure alternative energy sources, it is the opportune moment for them to engage with citizens, communities and businesses and tap into the large solar energy potential of buildings in order to accelerate the energy transition.

Together with members and partners, CAN Europe mobilised wider allies to call on EU policy makers to take the necessary steps to fight the energy price crisis and tackle climate crisis, and commit to higher targets for our energy transition: 50% renewable energy and 20% energy efficiency targets for 2030.